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Creating a Strong Brand Identity for you

Your brand identity is made up several components, it’s not just a logo, whilst that’s an important part of your brand’s identity it’s not the only part. A brand identity will include designing colours, fonts, graphical elements and more.

Graphene Digital can provide a complete brand identity kit for you encompassing the following elements:

1. Logo or Wordmark

We are all familiar with logos, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. You may have a graphical logo or a text based logotype/wordmark (words of your company or product name set in a specific). Your logo is the core of your brand identity.

It can be a difficult to determine whether or not you need a symbol (a traditional logo) or just a logotype. Some organisations choose only wordmark, they are simpler to design and therefore cost less.  A well-crafted wordmark can convey a sense of professionalism without trying to visualise your brand.

The words that make up the company or product name should be professionally designed and typeset, this is true if they are stand alone or if they form part of a logo alongside a symbol.

2. Logo Lockups

Your logo should always be rendered consistently but you will need variations that can be used based on placement and usage. For example, you may need colour and black and white variations.   All variations should have the same essential qualities.

It is critical that your brand shines through as your social media profile graphic. Most of these avatars are of square proportion and therefore a square or circular logo easily works for those applications. If your logo isn’t designed square initially, make sure it can be cropped or sized appropriately.

Frequently there’s a case where you need a horizontal version of your logo such as on a website or in promotional pieces such as pens.

3. Key Colours

A colour palette is often defined by the colours found in a logo. In many logos, there are only one or two colors, although some are more complex.

When you recieve you logo, you will also want the Pantone colours, CMYK, RGB.web colours that are used in your logo.

4. Broader Colour Palette Options

Your Key Colours will typically come from your logo but what other colours would complement them?

This additional colour palette can be loosely defined such as: bright and bold, pastel, or cool colours. The additional colours are often what really brings together (or makes a disconnect) from one point of contact to the next.

5. Brand Typefaces

Typically you will want to use a small number of fonts in printed materials and your website, often typefaces are selected from the logo design. If the typefaces are too decorative for letters and other documents then other complimentary typefaces will be required. Your typefaces should be used throughout marketing materials to ensure a unified brand identity.

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