A lot of us know Yell as the big yellow publication which has supplied marketing for small, medium and large companies for many years in the UK.The majority of local business owners will naturally count on Yell when establishing a business in order to help market services or products to prospective customers. However, the offline marketing sector is in rapid decline and internet marketing is growing every single day. Yell clearly needed to discover a means to survive this massive reduction in clients, they have actually managed this with a huge focus on digital advertising and website design.Which leads me to the subject of this article. Should you buy a Yell website and also is a Yell website right for your business? Is it worth it? Will you see value for your money? And also how does it as compare to an professionally designed website?

Poor Quality Designs

Yell typically don’t have the very best record when it comes to delivering premium website layout projects to clients. You’ll also discover numerous sites developed by Yell are still using extremely obsolete styles which are rarely optimised for mobile phones or search engines for that matter.A few of these layouts likewise include Adobe Flash Player which is no more supported by modern web site web browsers. Along with this, Yell are fairly restricted on what they can do with respect to website functionality. So if you are trying to find a login system or enrolment web page, I would certainly look somewhere else.

You don’t own it

With professionally developed internet sites, you are the legal proprietor of the intellectual property when you have actually paid for the web site as well as the domain. Generally if you want to move your website to a different host this should be an uncomplicated procedure and your existing company should assist you without fees or constraints. Nevertheless, with a Yell site, you can not take your website to other hosts and  instead you need to continually pay Yell.In a nutshell, if you stop paying for your web site they will at some point remove your website, and that will certainly be the end of that. Which is another great reason to have a specialist web site built for your organisation rather than using Yell for this important marketing tool. With your own website, built just for you, buy a professional, you will have the broadest choice of hosts/service providers.

Low Support level

Time after time we have clients who approach us with complaints concerning Yell and exactly how they have actually not provided adequate assistance to them. There is no phone support with a Yell internet site and everything is generally done using e-mail unless it’s in relationship to your payments, or a marketing call where they are selling to you!Lots of customers inform me regarding how they have actually attempted to have basic website changes made and it’s taken 12– 15 months in many cases. A professional website design firm like ourselves update our customer’s web sites with no delay typically within a couple of hours.

No SEO capability

Unlike a typical website where you could alter SEO preferences which Google will certainly see and index i.e. Web page Titles and Page Descriptions and so on. Yell sites don’t allow you to modify these settings which causes numerous SEO problems which can not be fixed and also zero control over your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). This then impacts on your website’s rankings within search engine results, eventually resulting in poor outcomes for your company.

Is it value for money?

To add fuel to the fire, Yell sites are not good value. They charge what you might expect for an all singing and all dancing website. You expected to get what you pay for, but exactly what you pay for isn’t really exactly matching the value you get to be entirely straightforward. With a standard Yell site starting at around ₤ 1,000– ₤ 5,000 it’s not exactly the best deal out there, especially taking into consideration all the additional add-ons thay you need to pay for.You’ll also need to pay around ₤ 47.50 per month for your web hosting with Yell which is really high for such a basic service. As stated over, if you quit paying Yell, your site will be removed without the choice of taking your website to another hosting supplier.

You can’t change it!

As I have  mentioned, I know of previous Yell customers who have waited over 15 months to have basic web site changes made i.e. business address, e-mail address and also phone number updates. Which considering this is how you get your service isn’t an excellent start for a firm that is evidently pressing your brand digitally.

If you  don’t measure it, it can’t get better

Yell don’t provide any way for you to watch your website web traffic or converted site visitors in real-time. Unlike an expert web site which is integrated with useful analytics tools, i.e. Google Analytics, Webmaster Console and also far more.The moral of this tale is: do not make use of Yell if you want a decent site with respectable hosting!

What should you do?

Find someone to help you through this pain. The pain of managing your domain, the pain of selecting a hosting company, the pain of all the choices of design.Find someone who
  • want’s to help you grow your business
  • will learn about your clients an how you serve them
  • is your partner in the success of your business
  • you can talk to on a regular basis to discuss how your marketing is performing and how to make it even more effective

Let's see if we are the right fit for each other.

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